Folk-Along Zoom jams

Spirit of Rasputin’s Folk-Along jams, led by Marilyn Stratton-Zimmer, continue via Zoom on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm. On Mondays Marilyn sends out an email to everyone on the “those who have shown an interest in joining a Zoom Jam” mailing list – providing them with the I.D. Number along with instructions for “Easy Zooming”.  Here are Mike Cockburn’s instructions for joining in.

ZOOM JAM INFORMATION – Below you will see the information to join the online session. You can use the free version of Zoom just fine. It is definitely different than a normal jam but people have been joining and having fun and seeing friends this way. The main format we will use is that people will take turns leading a song as usual. At this time only the song leader’s microphone will be active, others will be on mute. Everyone can play along, and they will hear only themselves, along with the leader. In most cases, you will not hear the other participants during a song, but between songs we will all be able to chat. If there are 2 people at one location they could co-lead a song which would be nice. When someone else is leading and you are muted, you can freely solo, noodle, or whatever as the others will not hear you! A rotation order will be established and people can see when their turn is coming and try to be ready to go with a song selection in an easily-read format (See below).Try to choose at least one song that we can all share in leading the verses.When leading a song, there are a few ways to help the others play along with you:

  • place your FRETBOARD so that it can be seen in the webcam to help people see what chords you are using
  • screen share, you 1) display the file you want on your screen, 2) choose share on bottom row of Zoom app, you may have to be careful to select the correct window on your screen which has your music – then remember to “stop share” once you have finished your song.
  • simple chords, if you think that people could follow you just by telling them it is C F G for example, but keep in mind they may have a harder time to see what you are playing
  • Also you can type something simple in the chat function like:  C Am F G
  • using the chat function in Zoom, you can drag and drop a music file to the chat then others can open it from the chat, as long as person at other end can open the file type you use
  • all above is fine, but if you would prefer, I have set up a way you can send me music files in advance, and then I can manage displaying them. You can use this and do not need to have a dropbox account. This link that should allow you to upload files.

Zoom Shortcuts

Some of the most useful keyboard short cuts are:
Alt+A:   Mute/unmute audio Alt+F1:  Switch to active speaker view in video meeting Alt+F2:  Switch to gallery video view in video meeting Alt+F:    Enter or exit full screen Alt+H:   Display/hide In-Meeting Chat panel Alt+Y:   Raise/lower handFor host only: Alt+M:  Mute/unmute audio for everyone except host   Alt+U:  Display/hide Participants panel
Smooth Zooming!

Helpful Videos for Zooming
Very Important for Music Zooms: (sound settings!)