song-along lineup

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In the past 29 years, more than 1,000 new songs have been written specifically for the Great Canadian Song-Along. This year, songwriters chose from four topics: As The River Flows, Drifting, Flying and Old Dogs.

The Song-Along was organized by several Ottawa songwriting groups. Christophe Elie hosted along with Greg Kelly. Helping to coordinate were Mark Evenchick and Chris White, who were also responsible for Zoom operations. Brenda Dunn created the digital poster. 


This is the original performing schedule. The artists and sequence may be somewhat different in the Facebook stream.

Concert #1
hosted by Greg Kelly

Stephen Palmer

Heather Adeney

Karen Oxorn

Jim Robinson

Lili Mivehchi and Kevin Ecker

Mark Fryars 

Patricia Reynolds and Carmel Whittle


Chris White

Kathryn Adeney

Greg Kelly

Robert van Wyngaarden

Walk on the Wire (Anne Hurley and Jim Videto)

Janet Bentham

Lorne Weiner

Lindsay Ferguson


David Mayerovitch

Libby Hortop

Don Bray

Second Arrow (Craig Myers and Kym Newhook)

Paul Weber

Jamie Anderson

Mark Evenchick


After Hours Session

Concert #2
hosted by Christophe Elie

Dan Petti

Susanna Wiens

Darren LaBrash

Marnie Johnstone

Mark Nyvlt

Sheila White

Tony Turner

Christine Graves


Vivian Sollows

Don Wismer

Alise Marlane

Pat Moore

Pat Mayberry

Jennifer Noxon

Michaela Deng

Tina St John 


Christophe Elie

Bob Geron

André Bouchard

Dawn Pritchard

Scott Guthrie

Arthur McGregor

Jill Jeffrey

Mary Ann Allossery

Alan Sandeman


After Hours Session