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Because of the COVID-19 situation we are no longer listing live events. We will, however, be happy to list online or broadcast events of interest to our public.

Spirit of Rasputin’s is happy to include on this website brief announcements of approaching music events which may interest our public. We won’t post detailed information such as artist biographies, or image, video or audio files. But you can include links to these in the text of your announcement.

Links to your Facebook page may not reliably take the user to the specific post for your event. It may help to pin the post to the top of your page at Facebook. A link to your own website is preferable. In any case, make sure the essential details are included when you fill out our form.

At our option we may edit submitted text or decline to accept it.

Submit a one-time event

Submit a recurring event (Sponsors of recurring events: If the page describing your event is here on our site, please update us at about seasonal breaks and restarts. If the description is only on your own website or Facebook page, please make sure it is updated to reflect these changes.)